“Abbie’s reading really cut to the heart of some personal things I’ve been going through. While her message was really clear, her client service was even more exceptional. In spite of a really solid reading, I had some follow-up questions because of some new things that unfolded for me. She handled the change of focus with compassion, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly for a tarot reader, even more concise insight. I would definitely recommend her to people seeking readers. My question was kind of vague and confusing, and she absolutely helped me align my focus and managed to get the exact answers I needed.” – Cassandra Snow, tarot reader


You have placed a lot of trust in me as your tarot reader. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to work with you – I know it’s a big deal, and it takes a lot of trust and connection to book a reading with someone you may not know. It is an honor to enter into this collaboration with you – and I truly think of it as a collaboration. What you put in to your reading, you take out of your reading. Before we book a reading, I want you to know some things about my ethics and my style.

Tarot and other intuitive readings are very good at a lot of things, and different readers have vastly different styles. Here are some important things to know about my reading style.

  • Tarot is a way of unlocking boundaries and getting to know yourself, your goals, and how you interact with the world. It can be challenging, emotional, exciting, and downright magical.
  • This is a collaborative relationship. It is my goal as a reader to help you learn more about yourself and about your goals, your direction, your calling. And that means that a lot of the responsibility for what comes next is on you!
  • Often, a querant will feel that their reading wasn’t groundbreaking or surprising – but rather that it was affirming of what you’re already thinking. This is often because the question you come to the table with is a question that you’ve already been thinking about. What tarot can help with in this case is finding tools to manifest your goals, and identify options. 
  • I do not read predictively. I believe wholeheartedly in self-determination, and I believe that you can choose what to do with the information you gain from a reading. This is more about learning where you are at and and using that information to make decisions about moving forward.

And with that being said, I need to lay out some boundaries to protect my ethics as a reader, as well as to protect the trust you place in me.

  1. This is a safe space. I want anyone, regardless of race, sexuality, religion, gender identity –  you name it – to feel comfortable coming to me for a reading. As a queer person myself, I understand that identities can be fluid and that many of us are at the intersection of these identities. I welcome you here!
  2. The obvious: I do not give financial, medical, or legal advice. Please do not ask me about these things – I can not help you there. I may be able to guide you to some free resources, though.
  3. I am not liable for the decisions a querant may make in light of a reading. Again: Self determination. I am here only to give you information – what you do with it is entirely up to you.
  4. I will not read for third parties. Do not ask me to get in the head of someone else – tarot and other intuitive readings are all about trust, and reading for someone without their consent is a direct violation of that trust.
  5. I don’t read for folks under 18. I’m sorry! It’s just a liability thing.
  6. I do not encourage people to become dependent on me. It keeps coming back to self-determination – if I feel like a querant may be coming back for readings too often, or if a querant begins to express a feeling that they must consult me before making a decision, I will refuse to read for a while.
  7. I reserve the right to refuse a reading for any reason. But I probably won’t.

If you have questions or would like to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can email me at