Meet the Witch

Hello! My name is Abbie, and I am a proud, radical, queer witch. I've been a practicing witch for over 10 years. I have come to understand mysticism and witchcraft as a way toward collective liberation. 

I read tarot and runes for other people to empower them to step into their purpose and build the life they want.

I find magic to be a profoundly meaningful and healing experience, and want to share my knowledge and skills with you. I have consulted both tarot and runes to help me plan my career, make sense of my emotions, and move forward on my healing journey. I'm interested in using tarot and witchcraft tof

The way I read tarot has changed radically in the last couple of years. I recently went through the Brooklyn Fools Online Tarot Journey, which deepened my practice and brought me to new levels of understanding the tarot.

Different tarot readers have very different styles. I don't read tarot predictively - meaning, I don't use the cards to predict the future. I use my tarot decks as a tool to facilitate a conversation, using my own intuition to guide us through the reading. This allows us to dig deep on the layers of meaning you need to peel back to get to the heart of the question.


You have placed a lot of trust in me as your tarot reader. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to work with you – I know it’s a big deal, and it takes a lot of trust and connection to book a reading with someone you may not know. It is an honor to enter into this collaboration with you – and I truly think of it as a collaboration. What you put in to your reading, you take out of your reading. I take ethics very seriously as a tarot reader. Here are the ethics that guide my practice at Northern Lights Witch.

This is a safe space. I want anyone, regardless of race, sexuality, religion, gender identity - you name it - to feel comfortable coming to me for a reading. 

The obvious: I do not give financial, medical, or legal advice. 

I am not liable for the decisions you may make in light of a reading. It's called self determination. Only you can control your actions.

I will not read for third parties. Do not ask me to get in the head of someone else - tarot and other intuitive readings are all about trust, and reading for someone without their consent is a direct violation of that trust. 

I reserve the right to refuse a reading for any reason. But I probably won't.


"Abbie's reading really cut to the heart of some personal things I've been going through. While her message was really clear, her client service was even more exceptional. In spite of a really solid reading, I had some follow-up questions because of some new things that unfolded for me. She handled the change of focus with compassion, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly for a tarot reader, even more concise insight. I would definitely recommend her to people seeking readers. My question was kind of vague and confusing, and she absolutely helped me align my focus and managed to get the exact answers I needed." - Cassandra Snow, tarot reader

"Abbie's reading was helpful and grounding at a extremely intense point in my life. It’s focus on clarity and self-care in transition was a balm for me that I could not find in pulling card for myself. I would highly recommend her Mind, Body, Soul reading to anyone looking to check in with their place in the universe!" - Haley ED Houseman, writer and illustrator

"Rather than giving simple or generic conclusions, Abbie's Tarot and astrology readings actually offer real, raw, and meaningful reflections for your life and work. Unlike carnival seers or faux scam artists, Abbie's intuition and guidance is genuine, powerful, and deeply ethical. I would recommend a reading to anyone seeking a special reflection for their life's journey." - MWP

"Abbie's reading was gentle but substantive, taking care to get the richest meaning out of each card. She was prompt, polite, and easy to work with. A lovely, validating reading, one I would easily recommend!" - Alice