Northern Lights Witch is a space to unlock your potential. This is a space to explore the world you wish to build.

Hello! My name is Abbie. I’ve been practicing tarot and witchcraft for 10 years, and want to share my talents. I see tarot and witchcraft as a way toward collective liberation.

I have a vision – I see a better world out there. I’ve been fighting for social change, fighting to save our planet, for years.

It’s not easy, the deadlines are fierce, the opposition is focused and has many more resources than we do. All many of us know is a world in which we are taught to consume, to value money above experiences. The systems of racism, sexism, and homophobia are so ingrained that it takes very conscious effort not to participate.

I’m interested in using tarot, astrology, and magic to make our lives better. To bring justice to the every day, and to help people reach within themselves to find a new, beautiful way of being. I seek ways to communicate with the earth, with our physical spaces, to be present in this moment.

I find practicing magic to be a profoundly meaningful and healing experience, and I want to share my knowledge and skills with you. I also know that this has been really helpful for me to plan my career, make sense of my emotions, and heal from the bullshit I internalize on a daily basis.

The way I read tarot has changed radically in the last couple of years. It used to be something Very Serious, that I only did when the question was big enough or the moon was in the right phase. I also used to be very afraid to integrate this “witch stuff” into my broader work.

Now I’m getting creative. Now I love to write spreads, follow the movements of the stars and planets, and see where those patterns come up in my work for justice. Not to mention that tarot can help me to see new strategies that wouldn’t come to me originally. And the more I read for others, the more this is affirmed as an important practice in the 21st century. We need to check in with our intuition now more than ever.

That’s why I started Northern Lights Witch.

Check out my shop to choose a reading that’s right for you.

If you have any questions or would like to connect and collaborate, please email me at abbie@northernlightswitch.org.

What folks are saying:

“Abbie’s reading really cut to the heart of some personal things I’ve been going through. While her message was really clear, her client service was even more exceptional. In spite of a really solid reading, I had some follow-up questions because of some new things that unfolded for me. She handled the change of focus with compassion, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly for a tarot reader, even more concise insight. I would definitely recommend her to people seeking readers. My question was kind of vague and confusing, and she absolutely helped me align my focus and managed to get the exact answers I needed.” – Cassandra Snow, tarot reader

“Abbie’s reading was helpful and grounding at a extremely intense point in my life. It’s focus on clarity and self-care in transition was a balm for me that I could not find in pulling card for myself. I would highly recommend her Mind, Body, Soul reading to anyone looking to check in with their place in the universe!” – Haley ED Houseman, writer and illustrator

“Rather than giving simple or generic conclusions, Abbie’s Tarot and astrology readings actually offer real, raw, and meaningful reflections for your life and work. Unlike carnival seers or faux scam artists, Abbie’s intuition and guidance is genuine, powerful, and deeply ethical. I would recommend a reading to anyone seeking a special reflection for their life’s journey.” – MWP

“Abbie’s reading was gentle but substantive, taking care to get the richest meaning out of each card. She was prompt, polite, and easy to work with. A lovely, validating reading, one I would easily recommend!” – Alice

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